South Florida Jewish Academy

Kindergarten to Grade 12, give your child the best Education.

South Florida Jewish Academy

Give Your Child The Best Education


Our Elementary offers programs from Kindergarten to 5th and 6th grade. All classes have individualized curriculum allowing your child to learn at their own pace


Our School offers a Small student-teacher ratio, ongoing assessments of individualized academic, social and emotional needs


Our High School Program offers a variety of standard and special diploma opportunities, including vocational training and life-skill classes.


Teaching your children through everyday life lessons and interaction. We ensure all students are taught the necessary life skills for social improvement.


Our students can enjoy work-based learning and training associated with their assessed strengths and abilities. Unique learning through vocational methods.


Mainstream students develop character and leadership skills while integrating with students who have learning challenges - which fosters self-awareness, respect and growth

Our Programs

Dedicated Classes for all Students
Math Class

Math Class

English Class

English Class

Computer Class

Computer Class

Music Class

Music Class

Art Class

Art Class

and more

and more

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Teaching Children According to the Way they Learn Best. Helping Children Overcome Challenges in a Fun and Warm Environment.

The classes we offer help children learn from untraditional methods and that is why you should bring your child to the South Florida Jewish Academy.

Fully Accredited


Technology Approach to...

Technology Approach to Education. South Florida Jewish Academy strives to be the most technologically advanced special needs school in South Fl...


Spacecraft Sensory Sui...

Our Spacecraft Sensory Suite is the first of its kind and proves to be a very effective aid for children with special needs. The Sensory Suit i...


Field trip to Home Dep...

Interaction is key for your child’s improvement and we make sure your child gets involved . That is why we take field trips as we did on ...

Music Classes

Lets be unique and make sure our students can all find a way to enjoy music while learning.

Physical education

We believe healthy student are better students. We ensure that our students are healthy and get the exercise they need.

Unique Learning

Every Child Learns Different.

Educational Environment

We believe in having fun while learning.

Individualized Curriculum

We cater to all children.

Computers Classes

Our students are very connected and we make sure that they learn using the best technology.